Seaworld Abu Dhabi + Qasr Al Watan - Combo Deal

Unite Ocean Wonders and Cultural Grandeur: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi + Qasr Al Watan Combo
USD 119.68

Seaworld Abu Dhabi + Qasr Al Watan - Combo Deal

Discover Abu Dhabi's Best Seaworld Abu Dhabi + Qasr Al Watan Combo Deal. Embark on an extraordinary journey combining the wonders of entertainment and heritage in Abu Dhabi's exclusive Combo Deal. 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is the region’s first Marine Life Theme Park which tells a captivating 'One Ocean' story that uncovers the interconnectivity between life on earth and our ocean, inspiring a deep commitment to conserving our planet. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi delivers fun, engaging, and immersive family-friendly experiences through eight uniquely themed realms, featuring exciting rides, inspiring entertainment, as well as unmatched dining and shopping experiences.

Qasr Al Watan: Step into the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi at Qasr Al Watan, a palace showcasing the elegance and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Explore the majestic halls, marvel at intricate architecture, and discover the country's rich legacy through captivating exhibitions and immersive experiences. The Palace Gardens offer a tranquil escape while embracing the nation's history and traditions.

Combo Deal Highlights:

  • Convenience: Access both  SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and Qasr Al Watan seamlessly in one package, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visit.
  • Savings: Enjoy fantastic savings by combining these two iconic attractions, making your Abu Dhabi experience more affordable.
  • Diverse Experiences: Delve into the enchanting world of SeaWorld and then immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the UAE at Qasr Al Watan, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

Book your Combo Deal now and unlock the thrills of SeaWorld's entertainment and the cultural richness of Qasr Al Watan – an exceptional fusion of fun and heritage in Abu Dhabi. Get ready to embark on a journey that seamlessly combines entertainment with cultural enlightenment, only in Abu Dhabi.

Things To Know Before You Book:

  • You have the option to visit SeaWorld and Qasr Al Watan either on separate days or on the same day.
  • Use both the tickets before expiry date. 


  • SeaWorld Abu Dhabi - Single Day Ticket
    Single Day Ticket to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi get unlimited All-Day Access To the park.
  • Qasr Al Watan - Palace and Garden Ticket
    Single Day Qasr Al water - Palace and Garden Ticket

Opening Hours:

  • SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
  • Qasr Al Watan: 10AM to 5PM
  • Note: Timings are subject to change, please do check timings on the official site before your visit.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be canceled under any circumstances.

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