Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect our valued customer’s privacy and we make sure not to collect any information other than the information required for booking with us. The collection of information and its use are outlined below.

Personal Information

When you contact us about our services and products or make any booking with us, we collect your personal information such as your full name, email address, contact number required for travel purposes. Upon the submission of information, you give consent to JTR Holidays to use your information to process orders in an accurate and prompt manner.

Use of information

Personal information provided by the guest/clients through this website will be used by JTR Holidays for his or her booking, verify credit card details or any other relevant details to fulfill the guest travel requirements. This information will also be used for research, auditing and activities focused to improve the performance of our website.

Privacy of Your Information

All information provided by our guests through our website for his or her booking, such as their name, address, email id, and credit card details is considered private, and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone except for certain suppliers or third parties whose involvement in the booking process is required for the successful processing of your booking. But JTR Holidays make sure that these third parties abide by our privacy policy and adhere to strict safety measures.


Legal Disclosure of Information

We may disclose your information if we feel that such disclosure is relevant to protect our company’s rights and/or abide by a court order or a legal proceeding.

Promotion and Surveys

JTR Holidays may use your information for sending promotions and newsletters related to our services. But it’s solely at your discretion whether or not to partake in them and reveal your personal information. If you don’t wish to receive surveys and promotions you can unsubscribe