Desert Safari Tours

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Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is must to do activity in the United Arab Emirates. Explore one of the most beautiful deserts in the world and enjoy every moment full of thrill and fun. There are multiple desert safari tours and you can choose the one which fits your requirements in term of budget and timing. We have all desert safari tours for FIT and Groups on both sharing and private basis. Evening desert safari and dinner in the desert are the most famous and must to do a safari tour in Dubai. Furthermore, morning desert safari is the shortest safari tour which starts early in the morning and finished till 12 PM while overnight desert safari is the longest safari tours which start in the afternoon and finished next morning.

Desert Safari Dubai

You can choose any type of desert safari, but Desert Safari Dubai is one of the must to do activities in Dubai. The Red dunes of Dubai desert is one of the most beautiful desert in the world. Dubai Tourism makes desert safari one of the top attractions in the city.

The experience is unique from all other activities with a combination of thrill, adventure, peace and live entertainment. You are a peace lover to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city or you want thrill and adventure or live entertainment you will be amazed to see all in one place.

Depending on your choice and requirements you can book online Evening desert safari, Dinner in the desert, Morning desert Safari Dubai, Overnight Desert Safari, Camel Ride Safari, Morning quad bike safari, Evening Quad Bike Safari, Overnight Quad Bike Safari, Morning Dune Buggy Safari, evening Dune buggy safari and Overnight Dune Buggy Safari.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Each type of desert safari has their own charm; however, evening desert safari is one of the top choice safari for tourists. Evening Desert Safari includes pickup from your hotel in 4x4 land cruiser; the professional guide will take you for the dune bashing in the red dune of the desert. It’s a treat to watch when you see a long line of vehicles are going through the red dunes full of fun and adventure. The dune bashing is the bumpy ride in the desert with the help of a professional safari guide. So hold on and enjoy the adventure. Mostly it last for 20 to 30 minutes with an opportunity to take a stop in the middle of the desert for photo stop.

After that the driver will take you to the desert safari camp for live entertainment like belly dance show, fire show and some other live shows. Apart from that enjoy the delicious buffet dinner and refreshments in the Bedouin desert camp.  You can also enjoy a short camel ride for pictures, Tanoura dance show and enjoy unlimited soft drinks. Book your evening desert safari now on best discounted rates, get 24/7 support and get instant confirmation from JTR Holidays.

Dinner in the Desert

Dinner in the desert is another activity which is almost similar to evening desert safari, however in dinner in the desert the dune bashing part is missing, because this activity is especially for those who have back pain or major injuries or pregnant women who are not allowed and recommended to do the rough activity like dune bashing. Anyone who has child below 3 must take the baby seat because child below 3 is not recommended for child below 3 without baby seat. Get best online rates for dinner in the desert.

Overnight Desert Safari is the one with same activities like evening desert safari; however few more activities are added to this activity like an overnight stay in the desert camp and next morning breakfast in the desert. For overnight safari minimum of 2 guests required to make the reservation. You can book on both sharing and private basis. Read of about Overnight Desert Safari prices and get the best deals for the overnight desert safari on our website.

Morning Desert safari

Morning Desert Safari Dubai is different and short activity as compare to evening Desert safari. This is specially designed for those who are looking for a short trip or only interested in Dune bashing or sunrise. Take fresh breath early morning the driver will pick you from your hotel in 4x4 land cruiser; enjoy the thrilling dune bashing in the desert with photo stops in the desert. Don’t forget to take your camera and capture every moment of the morning desert safari. It also included the sand boarding and short camel ride. The best option is to book a private land cruiser for morning desert safari and enjoy the ride of your own pace. Get the best price for Morning Desert safari and book online on best available rates.

Quad Bike Safari

Quad Bike safari in Dubai is also one of the top activities for adventure seekers. If you love the thrill, adventure and fun then this is the activity of your choice, book your quad bike safari online with JTR Holidays and get best-discounted rates for Quad bike safari Dubai. You can choose from Morning, evening or overnight Quad Bike Safari. The Quad bike safari can be booked for minimum 15 to 20 minutes and maximum up to one hour of Quad bike safari.

For Quad Bike safari you must check availability before final booking. The evening quad bike safari can be book for minimum one guest, however, the morning and overnight quad bike safari requires at least two guests to book the activity or in some cases if you want on private basis then even one person can also book the morning and overnight quad bike safari, however for sharing basis minimum of two guests required.

Dune Buggy Safari Dubai

Dune bike safari Dubai is another thrilling and most adventurous activity. The dune buggy is more powerful than a quad bike. There is different types of Dune buggy like dune buggy for two or dune buggy for four guests. The minimum ride should be for 30 minutes and maximum up to 1 hour. These are the most powerful buggies with cake and safety for the guests. Listen carefully before driving and then go for thrilling ride in the desert.

Why Desert safari with JTR Holidays

With years of experience in the local market, we make sure that our guest gets the most enjoyable and memorable experience during the desert safari. There are many safari providers who take guests for a short ride in the desert, with no proper dune bashing, no proper opportunity for taking pictures. They pick the guests in buses and coaches from meeting points which gives guests a lot of headaches and that not the real experience. We pick our guests in 4x4 land cruiser from hotels, residences or any other location within Dubai or Sharjah as per guest request. We take our guests to desert safari camp, where they can experience all activities one by one, enjoy the buffet dinner, get enough refreshment, instead of waiting in a long queue for a bottle of water or food and end with nothing in hand. We customize your Desert safari experience as per your choice like celebrating your birthday in Desert safari or team building activity or corporate event for a company or any other event. We are the ones who have the option for those who don’t want dune bashing or looking for child seats or any other requirements we serve as per our guest’s expectation. With our main focus on quality safari, we believe in providing the best customer support 24/7, instant confirmation, and easy online booking of desert safari from anywhere and get the best-discounted rates for Desert Safari Dubai.