Hub Zero Dubai - Permanently closed

Hub Zero is the first indoor video game park in the Gulf region, offering an impressive array of immersive virtual reality attractions
USD 36.72

Hub Zero Dubai (Permanently closed)

In the beginning, the world of gaming was a fantasy that existed only on your screen. Until one day a mysterious vortex opened up, creating a universe where the real and the virtual worlds collided, where gamers and their inhabitants could exist in an all-new dimension. A place where some of the world's best gaming experiences came together to fight the forces.

Hub Zero is a unique, futuristic, and immersive park that features a variety of Interactive Dark Rides, Thrill Based Attractions and Challenging Action Zones in addition to the largest LAN gaming zone in the UAE, karaoke and party rooms, a pool hall, and a retro arcade.

Aided by cutting-edge virtual experiences that bring video games to life through advanced, innovative technologies, Hub Zero is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers to engage in games and rides based on world-renowned intellectual properties.

Opening Hours

  • Permanently closed


  • Hub Zero, City Walk, Dubai


Private basis Pickup and drop off timing to be advised at the time of booking

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