Adventure Cove Waterpark

With your one day pass, you can enjoy all the water park rides, unlimited times.
AED 95.00

Adventure Cove Waterpark

The popular amusement waterpark with water slides, tubing, a wave pool, snorkeling and much more. The high-speed water slides are thrilling and get you ready for the ultimate adventure. If you are feeling lazy, laze away drifting in the lazy river, You can also snorkel over a colorful reef with thousands of fish around you. The park features seven water slides, including the region’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, the wave pool, tube in the Adventure River, and one of the world’s longest lazy-rivers with themed scenes of tropical jungles, mysterious caves, and underwater sea tunnels. You can enjoy all the rides, unlimited times during your visit. The most exciting rides are:

Dueling Racer: Get ready for an adventurous and fun racing, take your racing partner and take a high-speed racing slide. The person reaching the finish line first will be the winner.

Pipeline Plunge: Experience a water tornado, where you are twisting and turning in a pipeline and you will end up splashing in a big pool.

Spiral Washout: The oscillating tube ride which will make you reel through the water flume at high speed. Hold tight and scream, and enjoy.


With your one day pass, you can enjoy all the water park rides, unlimited times. You can pick rides as per your choice. Feel an adrenaline rush as you dive down the thrilling water rides, relax at the blue water bay. there are plenty of options like Whirlpool washout, Wet maze, adventure river, Big bucket tree house, Bluwater Bay and much more. Before you complete your day, interact with dozens of rays and go for a snorkeling adventure.

Children Age Policy:

  • Child ticket: Age 3-12
  • Adult ticket: Age 13 and older
  • Please note that all rides have a minimum height requirement of 107cm.
  • Most rides require children under 122cm to be accompanied by an adult.


  • 10am-6pm

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