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Bollywood Park is the first theme park in the world dedicated to all things Bollywood.
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Bollywood Park Dubai

BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai is an experience like no other, packed with action, dance, romance, and flavors. Come along and live the Bollywood fantasy with NINE new rides including, the world’s tallest swing ride, Bollywood Sky Flyer, authentic dining, and shopping experiences for a whole day of endless fun and an immersive cultural extravaganza that will take you on fantastical journeys through popular Indian culture.


A celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry in 5 zones inspired by Bollywood blockbusters enjoy live entertainment, stage performances and flamboyant cinematic rides in an experience unlike any other. For the first time ever, you will live, learn, and experience the kaleidoscopic world of Mumbai’s famous film industry, in the world’s first Bollywood themed park covering 1.7million square feet.

Royal Plaza

  • Visit a different era. An era of opulence and splendor unlike any other. The central attraction of the Royal Plaza, Rajmahal Theatre is not just the heart and soul of Bollywood Parks™ Dubai but an iconic landmark in itself. A fine dining restaurant that gives you an authentic Indian Dining Experience. With interiors set to impress and cuisine that pays homage to the splendor of ancient kings, this venue is fit for Royalty.

Rajmahal Theatre

  • Rajmahal Theatre, the opulent theatre set in the heart and soul of Bollywood ParksTM Dubai, has a capacity of 856 seats. This landmark structure has all the grandeur and poise of ancient Indian cinema with new-age technology. The design draws inspiration from the royal palaces of India and creates a lavish backdrop for live shows. 
  • The Rajmahal Theatre will also play host to private weddings, corporate and other events. If you’d like to host your memorable event here, do drop us a line on

Mela Junction

“Hawa Hawai”

  • Takes us back to the magic of flights and learning how to overcome the challenges of the wind. The Ride will be flagged by a rainbow of colors from the Kites Shade above and a Structure that mimics a vibrant sky that gives excitement to each guest to fly! A colorful family ride featuring 12 double seats themed ‘hang glider’ vehicles where riders are seated in a lying down position. The ride is capable of lifting, dropping, and rotating clockwise.

“Monsoon Masti”

  • This is an interactive spinning water basket ride mixed with a water gun fight allowing riders to spray each other while turning and spinning ‘round and ‘round. Six baskets, with 4 passengers each, sit atop a circular floor that lowers into the water until it disappears, allowing the boats to float and rotate. Each passenger is armed with a giant water pistol as they engage in a water battle that will leave everyone, including bystanders, soaking wet! Don't forget to get your spare change of clothes.

“Rodeo ki Sawari”

  • The Indian Rodeo has a deep history in Rural India capturing the vibrancy and cheerfulness of the flower garlands, Holi powders, and architecture. The Rodeo Ki Sawari is a display of energy and courage as the guests ride the untamed Bulls! A family ride with a triple spinning action adding excitement and fun. Each ride vehicle can accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers, allowing riders to spin themselves to experience a wild ride, as the vehicle traverses on the three circular rotating platforms.

Mumbai Chowk

Taxi No. 1

  • Set in the Unique style of a Mumbai Taxi stand outside the train stations and intersections, with piles of Luggage & boxes that gets strapped to its roof. Taxi No. 1 is a thrilling high-speed and turbulent roller coaster ride for the young ones, that takes a journey through the streets of Mumbai. The ride includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, and dropping movements.

“Tanga No. 13.

  • Hop onto Tanga No.13 - A wacky chariot ride made just for your little thrill seekers to enjoy. But something is different about this fun ride; it will take children and their parents on a fun circular motion that produces an amusing 'wave effect’, which guarantees thrill and excitement to all its passengers.

Bollywood Boulevard

  • Lose yourself in an enthralling choice of entertainment, cafes, street-style food carts, shopping designed to dazzle and awe you. 

Rustic Ravine

  • Themed to represent the colorful Village landscape of Rural India, Rustic Ravine transports you to the authentic hustle and bustle of middle India. 

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

  • Join Bhuvan and his team in a game of cricket against the British Raj from the superhit movie Lagaan. Set amidst an idyllic village and surrounded by rocky terrain and farms you get to be in the game with a motion simulator-based ride that gives you the best point of view of a moving cricket ball.

Bollywood Film Studios

  • Learn how to create a blockbuster like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and meet your favorite Bollywood superheroes, such as Krrish and RA.One at the exciting Bollywood theme park.

Bollywood Sky flyer

  • Bollywood Sky flyer is the world record-breaking ride and is the tallest swing ride in the world. It is a unique attraction that appeals to both young and old, the adventurous and not so adventurous. At 460ft, Bollywood Sky flyer gives you the experience of hang gliding and swinging – all at the same time. Riders are seated in a double seat next to their family. Moving up and down and rotating around the giant tower - take in the amazing views of the park and the surrounding areas while you're swinging freely or screaming with joy.


  • ROCKET is a free-fall drop tower built just for little kids. This tower will deliver them safely to the sky and back. Each junior takes a seat on a Horizontal Lift in a central tower as they are lifted all the way to the top. But remember, what goes up must come down, and the chair lift is dropped about halfway down the tower, then it bounces all the way back up and down several times. Your small risk-takers will love touching the sky and reaching the ground all day long on this free-fall tower.

Abra Kadabra

  • The Adventure and Magic of the Floating Abra is set in an ancient Rustic Ravine where the ambiance is thick with stories and tales of the past. An innovative family ride, incorporating a unique combination of rocking and whirling motions, as you set sail for an adventure. The ride vehicle is capable of moving clockwise and anticlockwise and includes sudden dramatic acceleration, rocking and spinning movements perfect for smaller adventurers who are ready to take on some faster-moving rides.

Bollywood Souq

  • Visitors will also be able to experience the buzz of Mumbai’s fantastical streets with a new shopping destination, Bollywood Souq Bazaar offering a wide selection of shops and stalls selling fashion and accessories, custom souvenirs, ethnic and handcrafted girts, urban home decor and lifestyle merchandise sourced from India for a true and authentic Indian shopping experience.

Namaste India &  Food Stalls

  • The park’s food and beverage offering has also been updated to include an authentic Indian cuisine restaurant for all pallets at BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai’s new restaurant, Namaste India, as well as mouth-watering food and beverage experiences across the park, that will give guests the opportunity to discover and enjoy the delicious flavors of Indian street food.

Ticket Inclusions:

  • Bollywood -1 DAY TICKET Give you Full-Day Access to Bollywood Park.
  • One Day Two Park Give you the option to Enter Any Two Park. 
  • Any One Park + Bollywood Park with Meal - Menu - Valid Till 30th Sep 
  • Show your E-Tickets via Mobile or Printed Voucher

Any One Park Access (Motiongate, Legoland or Legoland Waterpark) + Bollywood Park Access + Meal in Bollywood

  • Vlid till 30 Sept 2022
  • Terms and Conditions for Any One Park + Bollywood Park with Meal
  • Both the parks – Bollywood Parks and the other park of choice need to be accessed on the same day.
  • The meal is available only in Bollywood Parks.
  • Meal voucher to be collected from the ticketing counter of Bollywood Parks by showing the ticket
  • Meal voucher to be redeemed at any of the restaurants in Bollywood Parks
  • The offer is strictly non-refundable.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday to Saturday 2 pm to 10 pm.
  • Parks timings are subject to change without prior notice.


  • You can book only tickets with a private transfer option or you can take a taxi. 


Private basis Pickup and drop off timing to be advised at the time of booking

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