KidZania Abu Dhabi Yas Mall

An interactive city, run by kids Learning is better when it’s fun.
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KidZania Abu Dhabi Yas Mall

KidZania is an interactive city, run by kids located in Yas Mall. An interactive city, run by kids Learning is better when it’s fun. KidZania is a 55,000 square metre scaled replica of a real city that combines entertainment and education, with over 60 real-life activities for children aged 4-16. They’ll discover all about different jobs through exciting role-play, and develop decision-making, teamwork, creativity and social skills in ways that can’t be taught in a classroom.

Role-Play at KidZania

Role-playing is a timeless and universal childhood activity across the gw. It is an embedded behaviour in all children and is an essential component in the KidZania experience. Role-playing is fun – and has very positive learning, psychological and motivational benefits. 

At KidZania, children have the opportunity of having real-world experiences while assuming the role of airpline pilots, astranouts, police officers, and fashion designers, as well as others.


KidZania has its own functional economy just like any other nation in the world and its own currency, "kidZos".  Throughout the journey of KidZania, kids will learn to earn, spend and save kidZos, thus having a better understanding of various aspects of financial literacy.

Upon entering KidZania, kids will receive a  kidZos and have the choice to use kidZos as either cash to purchase goods and services at all KidZania locations.

 We have our very own banking system where children can save their kidZos and manage their finances at the bank branch or through the ATMs, located inside KidZania only. 

Please note: kidZos are only valid and can be used only in KidZania.

B •KidZanian

At KidZania, you can now join our CitiZenship Program, which recognizes your learning and progress as you experience various activities. With your parent’s consent, you’ll receive an official PaZZport with a special hologram sticker for each KidZania you visit. Your participation in activities is commemorated with a unique stamp in your PaZZport. As you earn more stamps, you’ll gain access to more benefits!

As you require more skills and earn more stamps, you’ll be able to advance through the three levels of B•KidZanian: Naturalized CitiZen, Distinguished CitiZen and Honorable CitiZen.At each level, you’ll receive more benefits to enjoy at KidZania – earning more kidZos, having exclusive discounts on The National Store of KidZania and much more!


With KidZania cities in 27 locations across the globe, we have won numerous local and international awards, from Best New Theme Park to Top Family Entertainment Centre and Best Concept awards.

Our awards are testament to our commitment of keeping the KidZania concept fresh and innovative, and putting children at the heart of everything we do, unlike any other theme park on Earth.


Every activity in KidZania comes with an introduction from Zupervisors – fully trained adults who are there to support your children and help them accomplish their tasks while they work and play.

Our approach to Zupervisor training has earned the trust of parents, educators and community leaders, so you can relax knowing your children can have fun and be independent while staying safe, under the watchful eye of professionals.


  • KidZania Regular passes to the world of Kids
  • Over 40 real-life activities introduce kids to real-world careers in a fun way.
  • Supervisor’s guidance to help your child enjoy the educational city to the fullest

Age Limit

  • 02 to 03 Toddler
    4-16 Children
  • 17 and above adult
  • 0-01 Baby

Cancellation Policy:

  • Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be canceled under any circumstances.

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